Adult Education
The Learning Center -  Pathway to Success

Adult Education is for students ages 17 and older.  A student can complete a High Education with a HS Diploma or GED.  Completion is another step on the pathway to success.

Adult Education Offers: Reasons to Complete Your Education:

* FREE GED and Diploma Classes    * Advance in your job 
* Onsite GED testing * Start a new Career
* Resume writing & Computer skills   * Flexible class schedule
* College and Trade application assistance * Be a role model to your family
* Individualized Instruction * Complete a personal goal
* Prepare for college or further training * Earn more money


Class/Lab Times:                         Official GED Testing Schedule:
Mon - Thurs 9 am -  7 pm                            Wed 4 pm - 7 pm
Fri 9 am -  Noon                           Fri 9 am - Noon
             *must sign up on prior to testing

Enroll in GED & Diploma Classes Now:
  Monday - Thursday  9 am -  7 pm 
* Bring Pictured ID  
 *Allow 2 hours for Enrollment