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Message from the Principal

Welcome to Allegan Alternative High School! 
We are committed to the Mind, Body, & Spirit of each student

We are so honored that you are allowing us to give your student "Another Choice" and "Another Chance" to earn their high school diploma. Below are a few points of pride your student can look forward to experiencing as a Eagle:

Eagle Hour: We created a time during the day when teachers are able to work with students one on one immediately after they see gaps in skills, preventing failure and building confidence.

Eagle's Nest: Our building now houses a supply of extra food, clothing, and hygiene products for our students, our families, and our community. Call or stop in to shop!

On-Site School Therapist: Thanks to our partnership with Pathways, a program of Arbor Circle, Brandy Salters, has become our in-house adolescent therapist. She is available to see students individually or in small groups.

Award Winning Students: The students of Allegan Alternative were presented with the 2017 Allegan Chamber of Commerce's Spirit of Allegan Award for all the good they have done for the community of Allegan and as a result sent our students the message: We see you and we value you.

Community Involvement: Our school now has over thirty community partnerships and growing each day! Our students gave back to their community inside and outside of our school walls through activities that included Red Cross Blood Drives, Beautifying the Sow What Community Garden, Volunteering at Sylvia's Place, International Aid, Wings of Hope Hospice, delivering potted flowers to our neighbors on Earth Day and so much more. 

Career Readiness: 
It seems that everywhere we turn we are hearing about the shortage of skilled labor. Employers, including businesses right here in Allegan, are desperate for welders, auto mechanics, machine operators and so many more, but are having difficulty filling these positions.

In order to be successful in these positions (and frankly in any post-secondary experience) not only do students need training and experience in these fields, but also employability skills. Business owners need to know that the person they hire will show up each day, communicate professionally, work well with others, etc.

Our staff has come to the conclusion that it is our responsibility to teach our students academic content and employability skills. We are in the process of defining what these skills are and developing ways to measure our students success in these areas.

We already have five Seniors participating in training programs in the areas of Construction, Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), and Certified Production Technician (CPT). These students will earn national certifications and many will receive jobs that start at $12-$16/hour. We were able to fund these trainings thanks to support from Michigan Works. Even during these trainings, students meet together once a week to learn employability skills that will help them get and keep a job.

As we look to the future, we are excited to expand these opportunities and help all of our students become career ready.

Laura Feffer
Laura Feffer
AAHS Principal

Mission Statement

"Another Choice, Another Chance, Where Students SOAR"

S = Striving for Success
O = Overcoming Apathy
A = Accepting Differences
R = Ready for Life



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