Welcome to Allegan Adult/GED Education

Message from the Director

Allegan Adult Education is designed to allow students who left HS before finishing, a chance to complete their HS education.  Classes are offered to help students achieve HS credits, practice skills to complete the GED, improve basic math and reading skills, complete Career and College Readiness applications and improve employability skills.  In the classroom our dedicated certified teachers use personalized instructional methods and curriculum options to assist students in achieving their educational goals.  

 Brenda Nyhof

The goal for each of our students is to complete High School and be able to earn a sustainable wage  with the skills they acquired.  At completion of the required work a student may participate in our HS graduation ceremony or have the ability to take the Official GED tests on site.  Allegan Public Schools makes our community stronger by helping our students on their path to success

Mission Statement


The mission of Allegan Adult Education is to raise the level of education of our students so they may achieve greater success in the workplace, higher education and in their homes.



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